English European Section: travail pour la rentrée 2021 (élèves de seconde passant en 1ère et élèves de première passant en terminale)

Fiche de lecture: When reading a book

1) Write a short biography of the author.

2) Be able to explain the title of the book: it may inform or arouse your interest. Does it refer to a particular theme or a focal character?

3) Look at the front cover as well as the back cover: What do these covers show? Why were they chosen?

4) Be able to identify the literary genre of the book.

5) Sum up the whole story: places (countries, towns/cities, precise places), dates (historical context), characters and the main plot.
For each chapter, you should write a short summary taking into account the title given to the chapter

6) Focus on the end of the book: What do we learn? Was the end expected or unexpected? How do you react?

When reading, if you don’t understand words, don’t forget to look up in a dictionary.

Personal views:

7) Focus on the main characters: draw their portraits, explain their evolution /attitude throughout the book, compare them and give your opinion for each of them ( use adjectives to describe them).

8) Bring out at least 3 themes you can find in the book and explain them.

9) Choose one passage from the book that you like more particularly and explain why you chose it.

10) Find 2 or 3 quotations (or more): one you liked, one that caught your attention and one that shocked you and give the reason for this choice.

11) Be able to write a book review, either positive or negative but you must justify your choice.

Don’t use adjectives like “good” “bad” when talking about a character or when giving your opinion.

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